Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just when I need it most

     A letter came today! I love that it seems to always come on the day when I need it the most. M writes about the weather and, how crazy it has been. One day it was 112 degrees he said, they were literally sweating through their ABU's (yucky). The next day it was a crazy lightening storm so bad, that they couldn't even be outside. After 10 weeks of BMT, he says he might even kinda miss it. Don't worry though, he is really pushing himself to get these situps done and graduate. He wrote, "I will see you at graduation even if I have to kill myself to do it." Sounds to me like M is really motivated to do this. On a side note Congratulations to all the AB's that became AIRMAN today; especially the guys in Flights 349 & 350!! Way to Go Airman!!!


  1. Wow the weather must be crazy! I love to hear about the letters cause my son isnt a writer. Lol

  2. i love letter days, too :] my husband usually writes about two letters each deployment but he is really good about emails.

    i'm just now hopping around from the mil spouse bloghop. we just moved to japan this last week so life has been hectic & i'm playing catch up online! can't wait to read more!!