Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hopefully the First and Only

     Well it's happened... I knew it would, I was just hoping it would be much later in life. Q has his very first concussion. :( Now let me explain before you go thinking I'm a horrible mother (which is still how I feel). Q and P were outside playing in the backyard as usual. Well, P got the idea that it would be awesome to swing Mater around in a circle. This would have been fine if, Q hadn't just happened to be playing within swinging range. Sadly my poor little guy took a pretty hard swing to the head. He seems to be doing ok and, he made it through the night fine.
      Luckily, Uncle Squeals was available this morning. (He and Daddy are expert at concussions and not in a good way) Squeals asked "has he thrown up yet?" Yep he did that last night. To which Uncle replied "well that should help the head ache part". I of course being concerned Mommy said "should I take him to a Doc?" Uncle said "nope it should pass on it's own just watch his fever"
      Thanks Uncle, for helping even when you are far away and possibly being shot at. I've given my tough boy some Tylenol hopefully, he continues to get better. Now, I just have to hope this isn't the first of many injuries between these brothers.
Resting and watching cartoons this morning

The weapon

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